Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain Ad : Joe The Plumber

Honest Politician Analysis : Huh??? I'm shaking my head once again on this tax issue- and it really proves that the republicans will continue to deny that Obama will be providing a tax cut to 95% of Americans and only taxing the remaining 5% who make over $250,000...Their whole message here is a flat out lie to the American people that Obama is raising taxes and again is just another page from the Republicans/Bush campaign 'devilish' handbook ..So let's lay out the facts - shall we...Fact #1: Sam the unlicensed contractor makes $40,000 a year, and he is not a plumber but does contract work around this town Fact# 2: Sam is NOT opening up his own business and even his own boss was surprised to hear that Sam could or would do that, because the guy is unlicensed AND Fact# 3: Joe/Sam did not pay taxes for 2007, and, there is a lean and judgment against him. This "lean" however is likely not known by Joe, Sam(whatever), as like many Americans, they were not informed(yet another flawed system by the Bush administration). So as the attacks come in, McCain will continue to lie his way for the next 19 days. As for Joe, I hope his 15 min of fame goes down as I'm sure that he is not enjoying having his life opened apart from the feds and the Associated Press... So please Mr. McCain - enough of Joe and back to the issues.

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