Friday, October 31, 2008

McCain Ad : "Obama Praising McCain"

The Honest Politician Analysis : This ad from the McCain campaign shows a previous clip made within the senate where Obama was praising McCain and Lieberman for their "leadership" on the subject of a proposed bill that establishes limits for greenhouse gas emissions. In my opinion, this ad does nothing for the McCain campaign and was a total waste of money. If anything it was a good push for Obama showing that he has respect for both sides of the senate. From what I have seen of Obama for the past 2 years, is the type of person he is. He has always been a person who was "hearty in his approbation and lavish in his praise". Speaking of which, there is a book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People" written by Dale Carnegie in the year of 1936 that teaches this principle along with many other positive principles. Dale Carnegie wrote this book based upon previous positive attitudes of US presidents. From what I have seen from Obama, is that he portrays every principle in the book and that's what we need in America - especially in our days of crisis and the lost respect throughout the world. I would not be surprised if he carries this book with him - as if it was his bible. There are updated versions of this book and would highly recommend this book to everyone. NOW GO VOTE!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Ad : "His Choice"

The Honest Politician Analysis :
This ad from Obama focuses on how John McCain has very limited understanding of the economy and his choice of Sarah Palin. This ad starts with quotes from John McCain saying "the issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should", "I'm going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics that I do about the military and foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated." and "I might have to rely on a vice president that I select for expertise on economic issues." After the quotes from McCain, it shows a brief clip of Sarah Palin 'winking' during her debate and a final quote from the Obama campaign advising that on November 4th, you get to make your choice. In my opinion this is a very effective ad, as it paints a perfect picture of what the presidency will be like if we have John McCain who has limited economic and foreign policy experience(especially during a time of a financial crisis) and then you have Sarah Palin with "no experience" as his VP. God forbid if something happens to John McCain, and Sarah Palin is sworn in - especially after watching the Katie Couric interviews....Very Scary.

Obama Ad "Don't Let Up"

The Honest Politician Analysis : In this Obama ad released for the web only, releases a video of a biker celebrating way before the finish line and falls off his bike. The other biker who was in 2nd place finishes 1st. The message here is that "we can’t afford to slip up in the final days" and we must fight in the final days by spreading the word to everyone to round up your family and friends to go vote. There will be lineups, heck it might even rain. But lets take a look of the last 8 years with Bush. Do we want 4 more years of that? Voting is your right and a privilege. Let's make history together and make every vote count!

McCain Ad : "Life Savings"

The Honest Politician Analysis : In this latest web ad from McCain (cannot find any more TV spots as he ran out of money - bad budgeting I guess, or was well spent on Palins's clothes) explains the following : "The last eight years haven’t worked very well, have they? I’ll make the next four better. I know your life savings have been hit hard, but we’ll rebuild them. Barack Obama wants to increase taxes on your savings. You can’t afford that. He’s quite a talker. But that’s just bad judgment." Surprisingly enough, this ad was not as negative as his regular ads and "maybe" he has finally come to terms that his negative ads are not working. The only result from the negative ads was that he was dividing the nation. Back to taxes, McCain will continue to tell ALL American people that Obama is planning to raise taxes. What he is not telling you is the Obama is only raising taxes on 5% of the country. That means anyone who is making under $250,000 is getting a tax cut (see Obama's tax plan under the ad "Defining Moment" below). This ad along with many others are very misleading. What McCain's campaign should have focused on was to show true leadership by using "several" economist to come up with a plan to save this economy. When he had noticed that his lone economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin was not producing proper results, he should have spoken with other well known economist such as Warren Buffet(as an example - I know he can't use Buffet as he is with Obama) to provide several options of how to handle this economy. To this day, McCain has still not come up with a plan and if I was a McCain supporter, I would be worried.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Ad : "Steel in his spine"

The Honest Politician Analysis :As we go back to the previous ad from the McCain campaign called "Ladies and Gentleman", McCain had previously made an attack on Obama that the young president will be tested and possibly generate a crisis with foreign leaders. Of course the McCain ad was misleading as it left out the most important part of the audio, which was "They're going to find this guy's got steel in his spine." as per Biden describing Obama. The ad then refocuses back to McCain and reminding people that McCain is "erratic" (against Obama's "steady hand") and linking him to Bush, painting McCain as "the risk we can't afford to take. Even with the fact's laid out on the table (where the Pentagon had confirmed that Biden's statement was right), the McCain campaign are "still" continuing to use Biden's words as a negative attack against Obama. Does the McCain camp really think we are that stupid? Does the American people really need a leader who has a bad temper that could potentially put our nation at risk? Don't get upset about it...Just Vote!

Obama Ad : "New Subject"

The Honest Politician Analysis : This 30 second national ad released by Obama calls out the McCain campaign for it's recent misleading negative attacks against Obama's policies and character. The ad focuses on the facts that McCain is "Out of ideas. Out of touch and running out of time," the ad says of John McCain. "But with no plan to lift our economy up, John McCain wants to tear Barack Obama down with scare tactics and smears. Why? McCain's own campaign admits that if the election is about the economy, he's going to lose. But as Americans lose their jobs, homes, and savings, it's time for a president who will change the economy, not change the subject." In my opinion, this is a great ad from Obama advising America not to be afraid of these negative "political scare tactics" that the McCain campaign has been imposing and to refocus on how Obama can "change the economy" around and not to "change the subject" on the core concern of what's on every American's mind.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Ad "More of the Same"

The Honest Politician Analysis : This is not a TV ad from the Obama Campaign, but recently found this circulating through out cyberspace. This funny but sadly true ad revolves on the big question that every one is asking "is there really a difference between John McCain and George Bush in regards to their policies?". This question was asked to Republican senators Roy Blunt, George Stephanopolous, Lindsay Graham, Liz Cheney, Mark Sanford and John Kyl. All were stumped and either unable to answer the question or dodged it. It's quite clear that McCain will push the same policies as Bush since he not only agreed with him 90% of the time, but also has the same advisers as Bush....I don't know about you, but I'm scared to death if we have another Bush in office! Bush will be going down in history as the worst president ever placed in office. We don't need McCain to follow his foot steps and where 'we the people' pay the price for their mistakes again- 8 years was enough.... Watch the ad...It's quite funny. Then go vote!