Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Ad : "Steel in his spine"

The Honest Politician Analysis :As we go back to the previous ad from the McCain campaign called "Ladies and Gentleman", McCain had previously made an attack on Obama that the young president will be tested and possibly generate a crisis with foreign leaders. Of course the McCain ad was misleading as it left out the most important part of the audio, which was "They're going to find this guy's got steel in his spine." as per Biden describing Obama. The ad then refocuses back to McCain and reminding people that McCain is "erratic" (against Obama's "steady hand") and linking him to Bush, painting McCain as "the risk we can't afford to take. Even with the fact's laid out on the table (where the Pentagon had confirmed that Biden's statement was right), the McCain campaign are "still" continuing to use Biden's words as a negative attack against Obama. Does the McCain camp really think we are that stupid? Does the American people really need a leader who has a bad temper that could potentially put our nation at risk? Don't get upset about it...Just Vote!

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