Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain Ad : "Ladies and Gentlemen"

The Honest Politician Analysis : This McCain ad focuses on a voice recorded gaffe and out of context comment made by Joe Biden on October 19th. Biden's statement was that Obama will be tested within six months in office with a series of frightening shots of terrorists and hostile foreign leaders. Once this was released to the GOP, they had a field day - since the polls show that the American people feel that McCain has more experience with foreign policy. But looking at the the big picture, Obama is more accepted by the world than McCain and will be able to create peace and not war. In my opinion, Biden needs to watch his words very carefully for the next 11 days or can be labeled as a liability like Palin is to Mccain. UPDATE 10/27/08 : As per the Pentagon chairman of a key Pentagon advisory panel, they are sounding a similar warning, telling the next administration to "prepare for a likely first-270-days crisis." - This proves that Biden WAS RIGHT for his previous statements and was showing leadership by acting proactively. So this statement from the Pentagon may have has saved Biden this time, but Biden should still watch his words carefully for the next 8 days....

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