Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain Ad : "I am Joe"

The Honest Politician Analysis : This web ad created by the McCain campaign focuses on the "average Joe" - like me and you...the middle class. This ad has multiple segments with ordinary people with ordinary occupations, either saying "I am Joe" or providing their personal opinion of why they are voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin... In my my opinion, this was the best ad that McCain has released throughout his whole campaign. Reason? 100% of McCains ads have been negative and this is the 1st positive ad that has been released. Unfortunately though, the whole "Joe the Plumber" strategy is going down the drain as the polls show the "analogy" is wearing out with voters. If McCain plans to gain "any" ground, he will need to change the strategy to view jobs and the economy - and to leave Joe alone.


Obama Fever said...

Followed your link from HuffPo. Bottom line, I think McRage is just tired. Negativity is exhausting and it must be hell having to deal with Caribou Barbie Spice on a daily basis. Oh well, it's almost over. Great blog. It has focus.

truthandjusticegrrl said...

Joe the Plumber didn't pay his taxes, and is an unlicensed plumber. How exactly is he so American? Is that what the R's represent? Skirting taxes and professional credentials?