Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain Ad : "Sweat Equity"

Honest Politician Analysis : Aired only within the keystates, this ad from McCain campaign continues to use the "Joe The Plumber" analogy to explain baseless attacks on Obama that his policies are socialistic, bad for the economic times and destined to raise taxes on small business owners. It's funny how they are continuing to use this analogy, because polls have shown that no one cares about "Joe the Plumber" anymore and it's not helping their campaign. It seems that it's a long lasting trend that the McCain campaign has been doing - continuing a failed strategy, continuing a failed economic plan and continuing failed proposed policies (Iraq war as an example). Also, in regards to Obama supposedly being socialistic, doesn't the $700 Billion bailout where the government owns a high percentage in the banks Socialistic? Obama's remarks does not even equivalate to the "actions" of the republican party in the last month. Never mind the ignorance they had portrayed towards to the economy. I think it's best that in the next 2 weeks the McCain campaign really "think" about the consequences before they attack....Because as it seems from the time this race started, all their attacks have been backfiring...

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